Video: A Local Food Adventure

Today’s post is a bit of a teaser. Last year, I took a group of MTCC staffers on a series of very fun and and eye-opening trips across the fields and farms of Ontario. Dr. Seuss famously titled one of his books “Oh The Places You’ll Go”, and this is a great way to describe our experience. We were very warmly welcomed by some of the most passionate and professional people in the business of … Continue reading

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Change is good!

How many times do we hear that change is something to be embraced, and not feared? As much as we believe this, putting it into practice can instill trepidation, but it doesn’t have to. If you have followed the Local blog, you’ll know that the MTCC went through many changes to embark on our Local food program, and if you’ve followed the Centre on Facebook, you’ve seen the photographs posted by our marketing team of … Continue reading

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And the award goes to…

The time between those 5 words and the ones that follow can seem like an eternity, but what if the name called is yours? I’m betting it would be worth the wait. I can speak from experience, because this is exactly what happened last night at the Ontario Tourism Summit Awards, which were hosted by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corp. and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance as part … Continue reading


Bringing the market (and the message) home


In a time when the resounding message to consumers is to buy local, this can still often be a challenge when it comes to finding local products day-to-day in the city. If we don’t live downtown, we are coming in to the downtown to work, which seems like a long way away from the farmstands and markets where we can buy local. Yet something groundbreaking is happening, and farmers markets are coming into the city, … Continue reading

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Want to see Niagara in a new light? Act like a tourist.

Wine grapes, awaiting the magic touch

Do you ever drive by an exceedingly beautiful house, and wonder if the people who own it and live in it are aware of how beautiful it is? Does walking up the same path, and opening the front door day after day somehow make one blind to what they have? When you travel, do you ever wonder as you wander the streets of a given place,  if the people living in New York or Paris … Continue reading

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